Angels Having Fun

February 20, 2006

It was one of the best Saturday nights I have ever had. Even though being wrecked form my days work and feeling up to much, Bobby and the band playing worship in the Christian centre was amazing. Bobby let rip and was really enjoying it.

Darrel Scott then took the floor and was over come by the presence of Angels which I got photos of, which was really funny cos he says really random things and looses certain words and instead says” Woof”.

So as this was going on people became over whelmed by angels in the opposite corner of the Christian than I was, they were laughing and over come. Rachel and I were both eager on going over and she got up went over and I followed. When I got over I knelt down and started praying. Doug then came over and laid a hand on me for prayer and the next thing I was on the ground laughing and dancing with an Angel and sometimes there was two. It was an amazing experience I have never felt before. As I was there I heard a whisper say ” Don’t worry about your future, its in My hands”. Ithank the Lord so much for that.

Bobby took many photos from my camera I happen to bring and when he had filled the memory the batteries went which was more than lucky. We know have many picures of Angels and of Angels face which looks like a Lion next to me.


2 Responses to “Angels Having Fun”

  1. Phil Says:

    hey Panda,
    Great to hear that God is touching you and all around. I’m going mad i missed it but having an equally amazing time over. The friendship i feel over here as blessed me so much. Keep in touch

  2. The PatMan Says:

    Hi Panda

    It’s been some time… I am delighted to hear how God has been moving in your life… Always know that no matter how your road in life turns, “God Loves You”…

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