Panda’s Do Climb

February 23, 2006

Went wall climbing in the Mardyke yesterday for the 2nd time and it was great. I went with a friend form my Biochem class. We took a photo or two while up on the wall and hope to post them on my blog soon.

The first time I went I was really nervous and fell a few times which was okay as you are on a harness. Eileen (my friend) said that I was very confident in her to B-line ( holding the rope) for me which is true cos if I fall, I fall but probably knowing God is holding me in His hands there is not much to worry about.

Before we went to the climbing wall I was talking to Eileen and she was telling me how people in her digs (she is from Waterford) are open to talking about Religions and beliefs etc. I the told her that I was a Christian and she was very open about hearing me out. I showed her my blog and maybe got scared seeing the blog on Angels but she believed that there were such beings.

At college here it is weird to be able to talk so freely about beliefs and not be mocked as you would be in secondary school however, if you start the talk be ready for an intense talk and sometimes be lost for words.


One Response to “Panda’s Do Climb”

  1. Denise Says:

    Panda, you have sucumed(I don’t know how to spell that) to the life of a blogger, muwhahahahaha

    Good to hear about what’s going on in your life though. Miss you tons!

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