Off To Canada A Panda Will Go

February 27, 2006

After a bit of discussion and persuading I will be able to Canada which will be great. It took a while to make my mum to allow me to go. She was worried about the cost more than anything else. But once there was many people going and more than just four days she was happy enough. So it will be Doug, Marie, Jonathan, Neil, Ger and Myself heading off to The Maple Leaf Country.
I have to take out a week out of my study month, money out of my account and a day off work but I know that God will provide me with all my needs for the trip. It will be an intense week.


3 Responses to “Off To Canada A Panda Will Go”

  1. The PatMan Says:

    Will done on being able to Visit Canada… It’s a very beautiful country & I know that God will visit you IN A VERY BIG WAY!!!

  2. Suzy Says:

    So stinkin jealous right now!

  3. R-Rated thoughts Says:

    You will be so blessed! And it’s a beautiful place to visit too.

    I’m delighted you are going. I’m beleiving god will do something hip-hop to you… like sending his angels to bonk you out completely.

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