Memories of Times Past

March 10, 2006

Today, 10th of March 2006, is the one year anniversery of the bone marrow transplant which I gave to my sister who was dignoised of Aplastic Anemia in early January 2005 while in America.

During the summer of 2004 my sister went to Greece for two or three months to earn some money but ended up in more debt than to begin with. She returned home and went to America on a scholarship to Washington College in August and while there fell sick and was dignoised with Hepititus C or A ( Probably from being in Greece), and was given meciciene and told to rest but did not.In December she returned for Xmas and went on the “Ran Tan” and was not too well going back to America.

2 weeks back and she was in hospital and my parents left the following morning after recieving a phone call saying my sister was in hospital. The dignosis was not known at this time.While at a meeting in the Day’s house Dan prayed for me and said that God will use me soon to bring new life. Couple of weeks later my sister returned to Ireland and was sent to St James’s Hospital Dublin for treatment of Aplastic Anemia. The treatment was for a bone marrow transplant which meant that my Brother or I would be the donor.

After blood samples given to see who would be the best match, I knew I would be the donor, it was calling inside me. Thats what happened, I was about to “bring new life”. God had and still has a hand on my life and being able to bring a new life to people is a great thing to do.

A year on and my sister is stilling taking anti-rejection drugs etc. but is going to college and living a normal enough life. We are getting on better since as she is a part of me now too.

I wish to thank all those who were praying for my family, my sister and I and all those who were giving me support.


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