Trials and Tribulations

April 1, 2006

I know, I know I haven’t blogged in a while (3 weeks) and only now being able to get to blog. I am now on my study month and I am craming as much SCIENCE into me as possible as I will be going to Canada and Boston for about 10 days and will not have time to study while there. Don’t laugh at me if you do see my with a book open on Quantum Mechanics or Biology, I have to do what I have to do. Even though people are saying I am only in First Year it does not matter but yet if I don’t get into a habit know of studing I don’t know what will happen next year.

The year of college has flown out the door and been very eventfull but does not live up to the expections that others have said with there being wild parties and a lot of drinking. Maybe there was and I was not looking in the right places ( library not a good place to start).

At the start of the year you will see many First Years in the Library sudying hard or Assignments (me included) but a couple of weeks the people dwindle away and you see those students in the Student Centre or Restaurants which is truly what college life is all about, drinking endless amounts of coffee and chatting to many friends you make in college.

In college you need to be open and welcoming to make any new friends. The best line to make a friend with a girl is ” Do you have a spare pen”. Works great, made a few friends with that line.

So with one year down and another three years to go many new fiends will be made and lost. And thats the way to think about it. Those who say you need to party forget that there is four or five years in total you are in college.

Besides all that college stuff, THE POND (my car) has failed its NCT test but nothing to drastic and just needs to go to the mechanic get its brakes fixed and do the test again and will be okay for another two years. With my driving test in September I really need to have a car to drive.


One Response to “Trials and Tribulations”

  1. The PatMan Says:

    Best of luck in your studies… And with your travels…

    PS… I am Caitriona’s dad…

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