Canada, So Near and Yet So Far

April 7, 2006

With the trip to Canada only a few days away I am becoming more and more anxious and worried. I have a feeling that I will leave something behind when I leave Ireland for North America which will probably happen.

But the most worrying thing is… will God touch my life while I am away. Over the last couple of weeks (since the meeting in the Cork Christian Centre, the meeting with all those Angels) I have been wanting that feeling again and I want so much more of God too. I am afraid that by going to this Conference I will recieve what I am looking for but I do not want to get to excited in case nothing happns. Am I wanting to much, or Is it okay to act like this?

But time will tell and preperations are going well and hopefully I won’t forget to bring my passport!! So pray for a safe trip for us and we won’t forget anything (or anyone) on our trips.


2 Responses to “Canada, So Near and Yet So Far”

  1. Phil Says:

    your going to be blasted, believe me

  2. The PatMan Says:

    Best of luck on your journey… Believe me it will be a journey in more than one way… & I don’t mean physical… God has great plans…

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