My Trip, Canada

April 24, 2006

After ten days being away form Home and my Studying my heart has never been in such ache and joy. The Lord has put me through so much.

Arriving in Canada to two lovely people (Paula and Allen) after a terrible 6 hour plane journey was great. Paula had cooked us up a dinner of Fajitias which were to die far. The next morning we made the trip to TACF while following Allen in his car and only going a couple of yards realising Doug had left on the Hand-brake. We finally made it when Allen saw we were missing due to the Hand-brake and had to turn back and get us.

The first day of the Conference was great and we all could feel the presence of God when the Youth Net worship band started up. At this first meeting God wanted me to give my Heart fully to Him. The Second day of the Conference God showed me my Heart and there was darkness on my Heart. That day AJ. Jones spoke about the Father’s Heart and how we all need to give our Heart fully to Him and not just parts of it we want to give.

Paula made us breakfast every morning but was different every morning French Toast, Maple Sausages, toast, fruit, yougurt and snacks in the evening she was a great provider.

On Day 2 also Fire Tunnels were done and going through them I was offering up my heart to God but still I fell my Heart is not fully with God. The Delirious? Concert was great and was very touching. During the Concert I could feel a very close presence next to me and the a white light came to me and was knocked off me feet.

Coming near the end of the Conference God has made my heart soft but I want God to have it all but yeat I feel I am still holding on and I don’t want too.

We spent the Sunday with Paula and Allen at early Sunday Lake side worship and the to there church service which was very different at which Jonathan, Phil and Ger participating in the services. We then took a journey into Toronto where we visited an Art Gallery, walked streets and saw the CN Tower which was hugh.

On Monday Paula and Allen once again took us on the trip to Niagara Falls which were great even though the town was tourist based and tried to make money out of you at every corner. With the trip to Canada coming to an end we all said our goodbyes even though we never wanted to leave. Tasting God so clearly was so good that you never wanted to go thirsty ever again.

More to come on trip to Youthstorm….


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