Youthstorm – A Whole New World

May 11, 2006

We left behind Toronto and headed to Boston and Youthstorm expecting a wild ride and thats what we got On the first night there at The Furnace I found it alot different to the Conference and back at home. God really touched many there and when Youthstorm prayed over us we were encouraged by what they said over us. Josiah prayed over me and said that I am a burning fire ready to spread God’s word. Wesley prayed for me also and said that God was taking the darkness out of my heart, without knowing about what happened at the conference

The next day we heade to Maine to another Church. We first stopped at houses and land that Shawn was being offered andit was enourmas and nice. We countuined our journey onto Maine and went to the Church Service where we formed ring and planted a Celtic Well in the Church and when people walked through people were touche and really encouraged us all to pray for others.

We stayed in various people’s house and I got a feeling for how the Youthsorm people must have felt coming to Ireland and feeling lost by not knowing where they were going to stay and not knowing who they were staying with but showed me that being a 7 hour flight away we are all in the family of Christ and made the place feel like home.

Saying goodbye to those in Youthstorm was hard after going to such a crazy place. They will hopefully will be able to make it back to Ireland.


One Response to “Youthstorm – A Whole New World”

  1. The PatMan Says:

    Sorry… I Just had to comment on the sign behind The Group in the Photo… With a portion blocked off it does look like it states something else… (LoL)

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