Exams and a Break In!!

May 14, 2006

With my First Year exams coming to an end they did not turn out to be too bad. I have 3 Biology exams, a maths, a chemistry and a physics exam done (which did not go to well, oops). But with a physics practical to do marks can be gained back along with another biology exam.

Along with the excitment of the exams we had a break in at home. On tuesday night the 9th two people got through an open window and took two wallets, two mobile and my brothers keys and took my brother’s car in the drive. When they reversed out the drive broke of the casing off the wing-mirror.

We reported the car stolen and the Garda came along with Forensics and did a CSI job on our house. Two Gardai in Dungarvan on the same day spotted who knew about the car being stolen earlier on in the day stopped the car and asked the two people in the car about it and said that they bought the car that day and gave false names to the Gardai.

The two men were brought to the station in Dungarvan and the Gardai there knew the two men already. They were both recently released from prison a couple of months before. The car was okay except for a couple of wires pulled out and smell in car.

The wo men were given a speeding ticket in Ovens during the night. The Girlfriend of on of them was living in Innishmore, which is why they were in Ballincollig but not from here. Oppertunity knocked and they answered.


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