Dream, what does it mean?

May 26, 2006

I had a dream last night where I went to see this lady who was to tell you of the future and that she was really good. When I passed her she said that I was not ready for your Baptism on Sunday. I do not know what to do?? Please leave comments.


5 Responses to “Dream, what does it mean?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The second I began reading I felt uneasy. I believe you’re under spiritual attack. I don’t know you but I’ve met a few of your group at Soul Survivor. I think it’s ace that you’re being baptized but the devil hates it. He cannot stand how close you are to God. The woman sounds like a fortune teller which is not of God. Protect yourself with the armour of God. I’m praying for you.

  2. Denise Says:

    Hey Panda, I wouldn’t worry about that dream, I think that its just fear. Go for it I think it is great that you are getting Baptized i just widh I could be there on Sunday, but I’ll be there in Spirit haha. Don’t worry about it though. This is just an outward expression of the commitment i know you have in your heart.

    miss you

  3. The PatMan Says:


    Seek God for His Protection… I am certain after praying myself that God has you under His protective wing…

    This dream appeared to be similar to what would appear an attack in order to put you off track & place your mind away from Baptism… Keep on Walking strong in the Lord… This is a Defeated enemy & you have some fantastic folks about you who will pray for you & with you at any time… My prayers are with you…

  4. Noreen Says:

    Anytime someone makes a decision to get baptised the devil does his best to distract or brings fear in . God has his hand on your life remember Chris Trips word for you about God protecting you from the enemy. Keep trusting ,you are loved by the Lord and by all of us

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Panda – Keren here –
    It’s great that you’re getting baptised at last.
    For what it’s worth here’s some musings on the content of your dream…

    It’s a strange dream as I can’t think of any way you could get ready to be baptised – it’s the start of everything for New Testament Christians, not something to prepare for. The notion of preparing or readying people for baptism has crept in with the institutionalised church feeling a need to check people out and ensure their orthodoxy before “administering the rite of baptism”. The Bible simply gives us a straight out command – “Repent and be baptised” – you don’t need to get ready to repent, you just need to get on and do it!
    To my frail understanding, baptism is the physical demonstration of being “sinners saved by grace” – We go down into the water to say we’re sinners and want to die to that old law of sin that we used to live under, and we rise out of that watery grave into a new life under grace, where God’s Spirit can fill us. (That grace is something we can never earn, or get ready to deserve…!)

    In a sense all this symbolism is coming a bit late for you Panda, cos you’re already living under grace not law and God’s Spirit is already filling you – you’ve been not only “ready” for baptism, but long overdue for a good while now…!
    But anyway, it’s still well worth doing at this stage cos it’s not just powerful is a personal symbol, but it’s a physical sign to the spiritual world that you are placing yourself under Jesus blood, that you are now born into a different kingdom.
    Some of us might warn you that Jesus’ baptism was followed by his temptation, but don’t let that trap you into fear – it’s not a bible teaching that that will happen, just an observation that it did occur that way for Jesus, and so might for us too. Only notice that Jesus chose (or presumably was led by the Spirit) to go into a solitary place and fast straight after his baptism, something people tend to do when they want to get closer to God and maybe find out more about their calling, and in doing so He learnt how to rely on God’s word, how to stand on it to refuse the devil and how to relate to God’s loving protection of him – to trust it, not test it out and show it off. There’s reams of stuff that Jesus learns through that time alone with God, that is the basis in humility, faith and power for all his ministry and then finally for his eternity-shattering work of redemption. So I guess I’m just saying – don’t assume that baptism is followed by a time of warfare, that’s not an explicit bible teaching. Even if it was, don’t be scared because that time in the desert was the personal start within Jesus soul of all that he then went on to do in the power of God, with that deep down, essential knowledge of God in his inner being that he found under testing – a testing that God allowed when Jesus sought Him more deeply.
    Once again, we’re looking at a start, not something you have to get ready for, but the start of God getting you ready!
    Go for it Panda and may God mightily fill you as you obey him!

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