My Summer…

August 20, 2006

Sorry about not blogging for ages but this summer is going so quickly that life has carried me along and without reliesing that the days are passing.

WORK has taken up most of my time espically in the last month with us being short staffed and the need for people to work up to six days a week but sure I will be back to weekends when I start back to college on the 25th of September. I still need to decide in what area of Chemistry I wish to study for the next three years and what job I will be able to get at the end of my degree which is big enough pressure.

In the midst of all this work I took my driving test for Full Licence on the 16th of August and passed it which was such a relief but I still cant believe it. I taught it would be much harder.

So with a friends wedding next month, another friend leaving in a week to go to Canada for a year, another few friends starting first year of college and me entering second year of college, life does not seem real any more. It feels a new skin layer is being removed and we are all being pulled away from each other and leaves me with the question: What is making me feel afraid of the future? I know the yearing of God this summer has been greater than ever and my Life solely for God would be amazing but everything is pulling me away from that reality.


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