Everything and Anything!!!

October 15, 2006

Hello All…. Sorry my posts are not as frequent as some bloggers but when I do I hope it tells a bit more about me.

Since I last blogged I have gone to Achill with Neil, Denise, Ger, Daz, Dan, Liam, Jonathan and Emer and we had a blast of a time excepts the parts, like when I reversed my car into the biggest Gully in Achill and only Neil pushing the car out (very strong Neil), we walked down to Achill Sound in pitch black while cars passing us at 100kph and when returning to Cork my car bonnet barely held down by the safety latch. An eventful weekend!!

I turned 2o on the 30th of Sept. ( to remind those forgot 🙂 ) and I started my 2nd year of College which is already busy. With 8 modules of chemistry and 4 modules of Biology it is already intense and straining.

I am starting Sign Language Courses this week and already taking German courses to improve the language but they are only 10 wks long each. I have taken the role of PRO for Saint Vincent de Paul society in College this year and it hard to organise things when you don’t know what you can and cant do. I unfortunately wont be able to make it to the Darrel Stott Conference 3rd to the 5th because of Intervarsity Weekend for SVP as I am part organising it and that would not look good for me not to be there.

However to accomadate all this I am leaving my work at the weekends next week and I cant wait to relax and become a a man of leisure.

When I was in Toronto etc. I yearned so much for a cry to spill out of me and clean me of all stress and impurification in me and I need it out. But when I was young I cried over anything including spilled milk and as I grew up I said to myself I need to stop crying like this. Now there is a plug in the way and I need to cry out so badly it needs to break. With God touching me with as so called “shakes” everyday, how can a God who knows all the things I do wrong still can touch me no one else can, WHAT A GREAT GOD AND FATHER HE IS!!! I feel I dont deserve it but yet He keeps on giving!!! Amen.


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