3 Weeks and many more to go….

October 20, 2006

3 weeks down and many more to go College life is already taking its toll. The work has doubled on from last year because last year it was all revision but now its all new stuff so keeping up with Diastereoisomers and enantiomers along with induced dipole electrostatic reactions and such are needing time to study unlike last year.

Labs are on until 6pm Tuesday to Friday for me and then trying to meet friends or extra cirruclar activities take time also. But I am taking more stuff this year than last year too. This is because at the start of any college year or even back at school year I would tell myself to do one thing for the year and thats what I am doing. Its weird that you do it without realising and I only say it to myself once.

It is time to get more involved with many things but where do I pull the time out from to do them??? I don’t have that much of deep pockets.


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