Alot done and more to do!!!

November 10, 2006

With 3 exams completed this week for my countuiness assesment I have been busy trying to control my schedule also.

Starting from my last blog update, I have left my part time job to get on top of studies etc. But it is ever so hectic. I travelled to Co. Kildare last weekend for the SVP Intervarsity weekend which had 50 students turn up from 5 or 6 colleges across Ireland and was a great success.

However, I had to miss Darrel Stott’s Conference which was said to be amazing but you can’t have everything.

The weekend before that was the Jazz Weekend but I didn’t go out for any of the Jazz but did got to Oktober Fest in Franciscan Well and was very socialable for that weekend.

This week SVP had a Black & White Charity Night in Brunos which could have been better but we raised 190 euro and every penny counts. I need to update the website for the society and also get cracking on letters for an upcoming Quiz for prizes.

My studying could be going a little bit better but with alot on the plate at the moment I cant even get a second with myself.

I would like comments to see if anyone is reading this so I can see if its worth on updating though updates are not as frequent.


5 Responses to “Alot done and more to do!!!”

  1. Steven Says:

    Of course it’s worth updating Panda! People read but don’t like to comment. Welcome to the blogosphere

  2. Anonymous Says:

    here i am 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    wops that was me … Marie

  4. bob Says:

    I would imagine that Steve, Marie and I all have your blog in our Bloglines listings, so we always see your updates.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i’m reading too!!! update it, – emer

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