Yes….a post from Panda

January 25, 2007

I know, I know I have not blogged in about 3 months probably because my college, studying and other things have taken over my life. Its a horrible things life is when you are swept away from the things you love to do. But anyway college is going well, passed all my xmas exams (countiness assisment) bar one which I got 7% out of 20% but sure I have 80% to get in the end of year exams.

College is crazy at the momoment as we change over to 5 new modules for the rest of the term which is new to me as we only had 4 modules all year last year so afraid of losing all the info from last 7 and not knowing enough in these 5 modules. Scary stuff. Maybe a good reason for Semesterisation in UCC but would mean the loss of our beloved April month…

Not much more to say but SVP is going okay also but with our VDP Day coming up in Feburary organisnation in next few weeks will be frantic as its the first time in a long time since they did one….

So thats all folks till another time in the future….


One Response to “Yes….a post from Panda”

  1. PatMan Says:


    Good to see that you are still in existence (LoL) … Seriously I do hope that you are well & College life is no cake walk…(LoL)

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