What does February bring….

February 22, 2007

Sorry for those who use Bloglines and have been getting alot of my old Posts coming up as new ones but am getting around to change my Blog and hopefully now update it a bit more but with myspace, bebo etc. and reading peoples pages you never get time to do your own.

So MY LIFE in the last month has a bit crazy like everyone elses, I presume. Trying to remeber the last 22 dys of Feburary will be a bit long but hope to cover each day.

Alot of the time for the first two weeks of the month were spent alot of time preparing the VDP Day for which with out the help from our commettiee and Phil, Neil and Ger would not have gone well without them. You can check out the UCC SVP SOC website to see photo etc. It is also a webpage that I am pround to have created using Publisher which I never knew was possible, Thank You Microsoft. In between those days I have gone to Lecture though missing a few and not knowing alot in one Module…oops.

Before those dreaded days passed of anxious worrying and waiting to see how things would turn out, we had a Youth Meeting with Phil playing Worship. It was a good night for me though I know it ws for the Youth which left some people disappointed.

At the start of the Worship meeting I kept seeing a man and woman kiss…it was the Kiss of the Bride and Groom…It was that in Songs of Songs for the longing Kiss of God. I wanted that so badly and nearly missed my chance too. due to the emotional out cry of it. But I didnt miss it and was glad that I got that Kiss. God said to me not to miss any moment that God gives to me because it could be too late.

But on the following night I was tormented again by the fact that I didnt say a vision I saw of Fire coming out of a Jet Engine…This was before Steven got up to say that HE saw a blazing fire also but was too afraid of saying it…Need to get better skills in talking, I think.

That weekend let onto another with it being the BEyond 48 where Rachel, Neil, Emma, Elizabeth, Jason, Lewis and I departed for the awful conty of the Kilkenny Kats… The trip up with two other churches was a great way to talk to them and building communication bridges with them and other churches around the Country. Dan and Suzie provided good messages for the Youth and provided much entertainment from their magic tricks.

Even though that the Youth said they all heard it before and maybe a bit longer to get to know other Teenagers the youth learned small things from the weekend. The weekend also allowed Neil , Rachel and I to get to know the Youth a bit better as we have never been away together as a group. It allowed me to learn more how to be a “Coach” by the stunt Rachel did before we left by getting me and Neil to absolutely freek out. It was a learning experience of that asking God what to say by using the material that ws given to us to prepare.

And after those last 22 days I still had to study for two exams and write up 8 Practicals…What fun!!!


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