What Do I Blog?? – Dreams…

March 2, 2007

Over the last week or so I wanted to blog but didnt know about what. Sounds weird doesn’t it. I still dont know. But I have been having many dreams of late…usually every night… that doesnt seem indifferent but I know that God speaks through dreams. The worst part is that I keep forgetting them when I wake up.

One I remember is setting off an alarm in a school by walking through doors and out to a man saying ” Sorry, I did it”, crying and resting in His arms…The dream last night was of me at a beech and having a fight out at sea with someone. Then when I get to shore, the tide is coming in and I run up the beech away from the water into my car and gets windy outside.

These may seem weird dreams but God speaks through dreams and would like any interpetation of the dream.


One Response to “What Do I Blog?? – Dreams…”

  1. Doug Heffernan Says:

    god is the car

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