What caffeine does…

May 12, 2007

You may say to your self why after a month of not commenting during a study month that I would comment during my exams at 1:30am in the morning…cos I have completed 4 exams though not happy of all of them went and that now the exams have started I know that an end is in sight….but being up at 1:30am does not mean I am cramming but the fact I had two large cups of coffee today at lunch and it must be keeping up 12 hours later….the wonders of caffeine….

So my life has been revolving around study for the last month and cant wait till it ends but now with the exams on the knowledge of science has been leaving my head and nothing is sinking in anymore..oh woe to me…but all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, so I have been on adventure trips to Limerick for a motivational speaker Reggie Dabbs (a big funny fat black man as he calls himself) with the youth and he was pretty cool…we also took the youth to Barley Cove and had my first summer “swim”…only if the water was a bit warmer would it have been more enjoyable.

So as I now try to sleep and dream about the coming 8 exams I have left to conquer I leave you with this…. If you fart and burp at the same time, would it make a vacuum in your tummy?


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