Work, Holidays and a wedding

July 16, 2007

I know its been over two months since I last blogged but I have alot to write in compensation for that period of time now :). So since my last diary/blog entry in May I have completed my exams 🙂 and have also passed them all and got a Second Class Honours Grade 1 which is pretty good for my course, though not all in my class were so lucky and must repeat in August 😦

But for me now summer beholds working in Ferrero packing tic tacs from June till end of September. The work is really easy and less stressful than working in O’ Crualaoi’s Deli dealing with customers. However I am now on two weeks partly paid holidays already due to the annual shutdown that runs to fix machines, stock take and full clean out. With another week of holidays in August for a week where an Irish contingent will land on Shepton Mallet, saving money for my third year (scary) in college will be tight. However, the Lord will provide and everything will be okay.

To start off my holidays I spent the weekend in Kenmare and Glengariff as my cousin got married which is the first of the next Murray side generation to be wed. It was a lovely wedding and also stayed over in the Hotel which made it more relaxing that we did not need to rush home. Unfortunately my brother was been match mated by my uncle for the two days which my brother was trying to be oblivious to ( ahh country weddings).

I think that is all for now and will update again ASAP which may be a while.


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