Soul Survivor 2007…

August 25, 2007

Back now from Soul Survivor 2007…Into His Likeness. It was great to be back there as had missed out on it last year and miss the place once again. Though the teaching on this was not too in depth I taught the worship was great along with the Ministry time with a lot of people including myself.

At the start of the week God gave me a picture of me holding onto something that I knew what it was an d held onto it for the last 5 years and needed to get it out of me. God released me from this during the week but also on the last night I felt an insertion into my chest and got the feeling of emptiness as if it was now gone out of my life and that spot is now empty needing to be filled by God. So besides all that God stuff, seminars were good too. Enjoyed hanging out with the Hughes who I never really knew and all the crazy little children. Roll on 2008 SS.

Now that I am back I have been left go at Ferrero due to decrease in Production and will be back to college on the 24th of September so plenty of time off. Nothing else to say and hope that you become more encouraged.


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