Two Posts in a Week!!!! What is the World coming too?!?!?!?

December 21, 2007

With Xmas just 4 days away I am missing the excitement that goes along with it. I am not that old already am I??? I use to love every Xmas morning waiting a the top of the stairs as my Dad went down first to see if Santa came with a camera, then we would follow and capture the surprise on our faces to see what Santa had brought us. Oh, they were the days!! Even if it snowed I would be excited…remembering a couple years back when it snowed on Xmas Day :D.

Ah well I can look forward though to the possibility of little Panda Cubs running down the stairs in excitement to see what presents are under the tree in a few years time 😀

As you can guess I am finding it hard to study at this time and am instead on the Laptop but need to keep my loyal readers (if there is any, comments are always great to read) entertained. The kids (Neil and Denise) and our youth went Ice skating in Little Island last night and was a great laugh though it was a bit cold in there. It was some time since I had ice-skated last on proper ice and not synthetic stuff (4 years ago) and only fell once, though Chloe had pushed me!

I think thats is all for now and may blog a bit more over the Xmas Holidays so feel free to leave comments, Questions or topic that you would like to know my opinion about, always open and speaks truthfully, I promise!!


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