Beeping Sounds are not Good!!!!

February 1, 2008

Taught I was gonna die today!!! But I obliviously didn’t as I am posting this!!!

It occurred when my laptop Adapter (the big black box between cords) started to beep after it plugged out of my laptop. I was thinking back to the time those DELL laptops were exploding in Asia due to faulty batteries. But I plugged it out and it stopped.

So I changed the fuse and see what happened and same thing with the beeping. It started to Beep again when I plugged it to socket. The green light wouldn’t come on but I still plugged it into the Laptop to see what would happen as my battery was getting low, and beeping was still going. So I left it to see what would happen. The beeping started to get quicker and quicker and was waiting it to explode 😮

But then it just stopped beeping and started to charge up the Laptop. I am happy now that laptop is charging and lengthened my life for another while, for now!!!


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