What shall I say then???

February 12, 2008

It has been 11 days since my last post and to make sure that people know that I am still alive, here I am. As mentioned before, my adapter is still beeping but does not work anymore to keep my Laptop going so I had to purchase a new one which is still en-route to me, so time will tell if ebay lives up to its promise once more.

In the last 11 days has been an up and down time as we struggle between college life and your own life. With receiving results that are not to be sniffed at and getting through those Continuities Assesments of college makes my feel good that I am getting things done. But once again free time is been taken up by society work and the UCC SU meetings need to be attended. This leaves little time for me to do my own study that I would love to get done. I know I said to cut back on society work but with myself in a committee where we are feeling the stress of keeping it together which was reported by the UCC Express this week on how committed members are only barely hanging in there and some may sacrifice the degree to keep a society going. So come March we will hopefully have an AGM and begin to train in people with the hope of leaving behind my post as PR Officer for the last 2 years which I have enjoyed and regonised by the Societies Guild.

Once again I had to draft my post as college work needed to be done so an extra two days have gone by and pressure has not left off yet. I presented my o-Anisidine Toxicity Profile, the society submitted our award forms and the auditor put me forward as an Individual candidate (isn’t that nice :D), have had my class freak out at me about science ball tickets as they got worried which made me worry. I have received my adapter which is keeping me running now for another while.

So far me now and my walk around my brain is very confused and dazed at most times as college creeps ever closer to an end, life gets more complex and truth is somewhere out there 😀

Are you coming…???


One Response to “What shall I say then???”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Good to see you’re still alive, my blog is shamefully silent…

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