What can I say then???

February 17, 2008

I have been thinking over the past while about blogs and its actual purpose. I understand that it was firstly “invented” for commentary on a specific topic or news but of recent times it should be opened to being a personal diary. But even in writing even in a physical diary we even hold back some things in case if it actually was read so how much more do we hold back now with all internet info up for grabs.

If blogs were used for there actual use how many of us would be able to handle the truth of what your day was like, the possible shame that could come with it and the true turmoils in your life that friends may become upset by as they never knew the real you. Is blogging yet another way for you to show people in the world how great a life your is and never actually delve into the personal life of the blogger for that was the real purpose of a blog after all.

Following is a clip from Scrubs that for some reason made something resonance inside me:


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