What will I remember then???

February 18, 2008

Today, while at my Granny’s follows the same routine every time I visit there which upsets me a bit to see that though I remind her of certain things it is like a repeat show telling her what I have already said the week before or even two days ago. Though I am called Pat and Gerard on many occasion then with finally Alan which can happen anyone when people you around most often you get confused with.

But this week and last week has been different as stories she has told me and once again me telling her plots of TV shows we are watching as she does not remember brings a gloomy feeling to what beholds in time to come. I know I am only 21 years old and many years to go but the question is that all the information we take in will if we don’t share it we will forget and eventually will forget it, become flustered trying to remember and resulting in our old age not being able to remember things that happened 2 days ago. I frequently think of what will behold us all in the time to come but how much of what we have done will we remember?


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