What shall I dream then???

February 20, 2008

Some dreams you may have you can’t remember due to there little effect they have on your life but what about the owns you do remember??? Are these the owns that your soul is shouting at you saying “Get this sorted or your doomed”. Maybe it is but we will never actually know.

I have a certain amount of dreams that may depict someone and problems they may have…Last week, I had a dream of a person fighting a person from the past but was either fighting a losing battle or was losing to win at the end. Now how would you say it to that person you know may be trying to bring something about and will have to either stop doing it or say that you will need to stop to actually make it happen (thinking that the thing that person is doing is what I think its about).

I find it easier to think about dreams that don’t involve me so much in it and the brooding reason behind it. Do you just push it down on top of the others, waiting for an answer?


One Response to “What shall I dream then???”

  1. emer Says:

    tell them….

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