What happened to me then???

March 3, 2008

I know I started off blogging alot since I changed to WordPress and kind of said all I needed to say and now I am stuck in what to say!!

But I am trying to think up of things that people should know in the Life of a Panda. So I am coming to an end of my third year in UCC doing a degree in BScCPC and will soon be cramming for my exams of which there are 12 which is alot!!! With countuinel reports, MCQs and Tutorial sheets getting in the way, I never get a chance to do proper study.

With the exams on my mind  and with questions coming from my parents on random times I need to keep my whits about me and not get myself caught in the corner. I have also had gotten the bad news that my Uncle has a growth/mass inside of Him which is suspected to by Prostate cancer but nothing definite yet but due to his age etc he is a prime target for that type of cancer.

I am already trying to start in plans for my Holidays which will probably SS in August as need to book holidays before I start work so that I get the Holidays I want.

On my last blog post I had talked about the dreams I have had and I have not yet told them so instead I will type it up and give it to them so I wont be as nervous….Don’t like confortation that much 😀

So I think thats it for now….Happy Mother’s Day for those Mothers who weren’t remembered yesterday!!!


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