What shall I lose then???

March 7, 2008

So you might say that losing one thing imortant makes you wreck your head trying to find it but what about losing three things???

So you can see my last week was eventful.  On Wedensday 27th Feb. sitting on the steps before going into my Lecture my wallet must have slipped out of my pants and never knew it was missing till the end of the lecture where I was running around the Kane looking for a cleaner or secruity who may have found it. On not finding anyone I went to main reception who said go to lost proerty as a wallet was handed in and sent there. It was there and was so relieved as I would have had to replace all my cards and cancel the ones I lost which is so annoying.

On Saturday 1st Mar. being the swot I am I was in college doing study and because of typing alot I took off my thumb ring and on leaving left it on the desk. Onlyt realising it that evening and now the college was closed and that part of UCC wont open till Monday.

On monday 3rd. Mar. early in the moring I went to the computer centre, once again releived someone handed it in. Now you think I would learn something by now but on the same day in the afternoon being in the Library I lost my Driving Licence only noticing it that eveing before getting to my car so I made a dash to places I had walked around. The following morning I made my way to the Library in the hope that someone once again handed it in…and that someone did. It was such a week of losing things that I am perplexed how I never fully lost them.

I am afraid of what I will lose next though…my mind? my health??


One Response to “What shall I lose then???”

  1. Emer Says:

    Wow, you found them all again! I always lose things and never find them. You must have an angel watching out for your stuff, even if you’re not!

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