What has been Happening???

April 6, 2008

It is about time that I should blog but being away for the last week has restricted me in Blogging so I do have an excuse. I was away for a few day in Llandudno Wales at a confernece called ECG 2008 with some of our youth group with Denise and Doug. Though the conference was aimed at the Youth of UK it turned out that of 1500 people attended, only about 400 of them were between the ages of 0-25 which was scary and very different for me. But the youth did enjoy it with Streams/Porgrammes set up for the 15-17yrs during our meeting events. They youth enjoyed these streams and the Concert by YFriday and the Christian Comedian/Magican which I saw part of and it was enjoyable. It ws a great time of bonding and getting to know the Youth compared to Soul Survivor as at many times we are apart for many hours.

So at a conference you presume you should learn something/God talks to you and this is no different. It was during the first meeting that words of Communication and Control were coming to me so if anyone would like to interpet I would be happy to accept any input.

Now with that Trip over I am going crazy over the fact that I lost 6 days of Study and now with 4 weeks to study 12 Modules the pressure is on…


One Response to “What has been Happening???”

  1. Which Christian comedian / magician did you see? Do you remember their name?


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