What do you watch???

April 15, 2008

So I have noticed over the last few days during my breaks from aregious study that what I view on TV has opened my eyes to some what a person I am. We all have different tastes in Sport, music, Tv and Clothes and these all make what you are. I know I may be over thinking these little things in life and that there are greater things to worry about such as the big three Life, Death and Marriage but couldn’t help think of this.

It is probably due to the background in Science but the major programmes that I have left myself to watch during the week are: Scrubs, MASH, Becker, ER, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI which as you can see are of Medical Type comedy’s/Dramas. So this begs the question, does this unveil the Life that you want to have but you truly know that you are not gonna get ??? I know we all have stints of watching a series from start to end but when they all are of a similar manner I get worred 🙂


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