Living Life…

April 20, 2008

This is really coming off the back of my last post regarding to what I watch on TV. I think that we all want to live a life that is both extravagent and to live a life to the full but yet want to live a life full for God though we are slipping at every step as we get closer.

Though it is now finished its 2nd Season now, I have watched every episode of Skins which is about 8 rebellious teenagers and there antics as they live life to the full though with some major draw backs. But for any younger viewers who are to glimpse at this show would see the exact truth of how teenagers act and pressume that this type of behaviour is acceptable. Not only does the skins show presents it on TV, with Skins parties being held at the start of the year they allow you to join in on the fun and with Series 3 coming on stream, skins are holding auditions for roles to introduce new blood.

I am not being an old biddy about this behaviour and that it should be band but I am understanding how the youth today are being so corrupted. Though at points we all have made slips that we can see ourselves being the exact same or even wanting to be exactly like that and not give a care in the world…



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