The Pressures…

April 22, 2008

With myself now 3 weeks into the study month I have come to my last end trying to study anymore as I just keep forgetting what I have studied. Though this would scare some its the usual case with me and I hope that studying a few days before each exam that it will all return for each module.

So what do these exams mean for me for the coming months….that I dont need to study/repeat over summer and not loose out on work days and wouldnt look good to my employer (Centocor) for future prospects…contains 30% of my final year degree…the grades will determine if I get a grant to carry out a PHD after my degree if wish to do so…to progress on to my final year of the degree.

So not much to worry about…I know that I can get wound up easily over things but with so much happening over the last few weeks at home etc there is so much to get through.

The exams begin on the 6th of May and I will finish the 29th of May which is along time for exams but good few days in between to study. Its a pity also that my parents leave me for two weeks during the exam month, any other time I would have enjoyed there departure but will have my sister to keep me company as she begins to study for her exams in Accounting which happen in June. There will be alot of brain power stirring in our house so beware 🙂


One Response to “The Pressures…”

  1. emer Says:

    go panda! i’m praying for you

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