Working On…

June 6, 2008

I have now completely finished the exams and now have begun part of 4th Year due to the Work Placement that I am doing. Though it is paid placement, I have to write up my logbook for College assesment that I remembered that I have to do…Wouldn’t be a good idea if I forgot that 🙂

Its a bit slow there at the moment with me only get training on operations and being cancelled due to staff being called off. I also have alot more induction to do, need to get a desk/PC Logon codes as its taking its time and need to get my Secruity Card sorted out.

Though all the people are being nice to mistakes that I make, I am not sure if it is false due to my first week and will probably be different fairly soon. It is made easier also by the fact that I know one person there due to the student I know attended Colaiste Choilm and was in my Chemistry Class also.

I am fairly wreacked too by waking up at 6:30am but finish at 4:30pm and hope it will stay that way but could be going on Shift work doing 12 hours.


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