Time to Get Going…

June 15, 2008

I have no excuses now to not to blog more often with the arrival of my new Macbook 🙂 I know of one person who is hating the fact I got one before the person did 🙂 especially by the fact that I got a fairly good discount due to a family member. It’s great knowing such people.

I am now settled in at work with only my desk to get on Monday which I will have to run to in the morning to ensure I don’t lose it. All the QC department are really nice but it’s hard to make out yet how strict they are as everyone sits around on there computers but are doing work compared to the work that I do.

But I could become unsettled in the next few days with my results due out by the end of next week so nerves are creeping up. I would really enjoy the summer if I didn’t fail any as I will have a lot on my plate and have so much stuff to do besides before the new college term starts. It doesn’t help also that during the week I had a dream where I had failed two of my exams.

Putting that aside and looking at the now, I had a further two dreams during the week. These are both curious to say the least. In the first I dreamt that I was playing the trumpet but was playing it well and knew this as I could here the music that I was playing. Another dream that I had was my brother had made my sister angry and started to cry and walked out of the room, I then got angry and cried by the fact that my brother made my sister cry and walked out of the room. As you can see my dreaming and my brain have a strange life 🙂

I think that is all for now and should blog soon but don’t hold me to that…




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