Can I have the attention of the class?!?!?!

June 21, 2008

Its official I am now going into 4th Year of College with the release of my results yesterday šŸ˜€ I am so happy and am amazed each year how I do so badly in my exams that they pass me in the exam, well thats what I think after the exam anyway. With the exams resultĀ receivedĀ I can now put away my folders of notes as I didn’t do that yet just in case I had to drag them back out.

I got a 2H1 which is a second classĀ honorsĀ grade 1 which is fairly good. I got a result of 67% average by getting 807/1200 which is down on last year where I got 809/1200. 2 marks is nothing to cry over and such a result is great as this year was twice as hard as last year with so much info being thrown at you. Though every year when I pass I begin to get ready for the next by doing things differently but that only lasts for a few weeks back into term.

But don’t need to worry now for the summer which I can enjoy and get on in my work placement which is worth ten credits so that means less work when I go back to college… Fun Times ahead.


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