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June 22, 2008

I am gonna get a bit in-depth on ye all a bit and this does not happen very often so please read what I will type.

Over the last few months as the college comes to an end and you get your head stuck into the books,  I slip down on most God “stuff” in my life and not caring about my actions as if to say that I am too busy if He was to speak to me at any moment over the last while I would not hear Him. It has now coming through the exams and now returning to normal a question has popped into my head. If God had come during my exams and looked at my life would it matter what I had done over the last two months because I had to do exams and get a bit of lee way. The thing is I don’t think so and now have to contemplate my life of late and determine what is the next course of action.

Though I get involved, I still go along with the flow and get a happy medium. It was at the meeting on Saturday that a picture came to me of myself crossing a tight rope but normally they cross with a pole for balance but I didn’t have one and was only using my own hands to keep myself balanced but that only lasts for a while and didn’t see myself fall but the pole appeared in my hands to make me balanced. I know it is black and white what it is saying to me but I fear that the road ahead of me is going to cost me. 


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