To Live or To Exist???

August 21, 2008

I have been away for the last while in England at Soul Survivor B which was a great week for myself and the youth that tagged along :). I had a couple of things cleared up during the week and would be grateful of prayer from those who read this, if anyone, so that I may not slip to old ways.

The passion and shake up within oneself is amazing at any christian events that I go to but its the coming home and back to life struggles that are the worst. I however am trying to keep hold of the good times and run with them for the year and will not slump. With the looming final year ahead I hope that the year will be smooth and will grow instead of being happy where I currently am. I have had many visions and dreams of me being stuck in a desert halfway through and stopping, fed up of going on and feel that I am now coming out the other side. Doors are closing in my life that were opened that I pray will remain closed, this may be contradictory to the sayings that God opens doors but these doors are ones that should never open and God has now closed them.

Here I am at home days off from work due to being on shift which is great due to the fact it allows me have more time to get stuff done which is great as I would normally come home after work and do nothing but relax and have busy weekends. I am trying to get a start on some things for college etc already mainly SVdP Work, mainly trying to get in contact with two girls on committee who have phones off as out of country for the summer and lost their emails. Will have to start doing a budget soon. Not only that but have to type up a report about placement, presentation on placement and get ready for college. 

It all seemed great at the start of summer with the idea that I would have loads of time but with 9 weeks left its time to get cracking :).


One Response to “To Live or To Exist???”

  1. Denise Says:

    I’ll be parying ya mog!!
    Glad you enjoyed SS 🙂

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