What is inside you???

August 25, 2008

I wrote this out the day after we got back from Soul Survivor which was a great time. Don’t know why I did but would like to share it.

“How can people not see the Lord riding over the hill, I want to tell them all what they miss out on, to scream out the love of the lord and the blessing He has put on my life. We all wait and see what He can do for us but that is not sufficient, you must jump in feet first to be over taken by what He wants to give us.

He truly is world renown and the only One who is willing to give His Son for us, how awesome is He that breathes life into us all. What must we do?? What cost is there?? Nothing. What a strange word that is, of which we rarely hear. We all expect a catch but not from Him.

How great is the love of my God.”


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