What will I do?

August 29, 2008

Nearly at the end of another month and a question is what have I done in the last month?? entered my mind….

I don’t think much really I just have gone to work and brought the youth with help of others to Soul Survivor. I know I am only 21 going on 22 but want to do more stuff/go places. With college approaching for me with a return in October for my final year its time to plan on getting things done and thinking about the time after that.

At the moment I would like to go to SITC in Durban during July and then go to Soul Survivor/Greenbelt events in August. This means only a month of potential work before these things happpen. I know its gonna be tuff. The ultimate would be go to the Gap year event in Soul Survivor Watford from 2009 August till the following 2010 July. But these are dreams which is okay to have and only time will tell if any come true.

What are your dreams??? Have they been met???


One Response to “What will I do?”

  1. You’re a smart boy who doesn’t get headaches that cost him around 10,000 EUR in lost wages. Do the travel thing. Work will always be there

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