What to do, What to do???

September 18, 2008

Yes its been a while since a post dawned this blog page. I however have no excuse this week with me only working one day out of the seven so ain’t too bad for work 🙂

I have been busy getting this and that done, bought and sorted out. This includes writing up my work placement report which is about 3/4 complete and getting a few things ready for my final college year. Not only does shift work allow me to get things done but for the next two days I am without TV due to change of Digital server to a better one (SKY). So it is down to occupying myself with things that need to get done and watching DVDs.

Not only do I get occupied during the day but at night my dreams keep my going aswell. In a dream I had on monday night, I dreamt that Mike Pilavachi was at our meeting some afternoon which I found strange. In it he was trying to get his phone to work for roaming with the help of myself and Dan. For some reason I saw a similarity between Mike and Dan sitting together.


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