September 28, 2008

I haven’t posted anything over the last while as I don’t feel inspired or urged to post anything. I am not like some bloggers I know that may have drafts of posts waiting to be set free into the public domain. For me, what ever taughts or ideas come to me within a week I let you know. I would love to be able to talk/blog about anything and everything that I think but that may bore ye or its the same taughts over and over that I have blogged about before. 

Tired a lot lately as I begin to think about returning to college as I begin to dawn on 4th Year and my final year of m degree. Its strange to think its my final year and a bit happy too. I want to be more free by the end of college and begin to get to grips with my life, explore and I feel that I am still lost though surrounded by many.


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