mY dAy

October 1, 2008

I hope to resume my video photo albums soon and hope to have one up by tomorrow but don’t hold me to it. In other news, I celebrated my  22nd (Two Little Ducks) Birthday yesterday and had to work. Slowly the QC Dept. found out that it was my birthday so received Happy Birthdays throughout the day and being off today (wednesday) allowed me to enjoy a few pints down in the local last night and am now wrecked tired. The signs of old age are creeping in. Not only that but about 3 weeks ago I found my first grey hair which is pretty scary.

I only have 7 working days left on my work placement so cant wait to return to college and hopefully have a slight more free time but with it being my last year I am not sure how much more, if any. I have enjoyed my placement a lot allowing me to secure a summer job since the start of the year and allow me to decide what I wanted to do in 12 months time when I get a degree. I have been looking at different companies and even  different countries to see what the industry is like and I believe working in QC Chemistry seems to be where most jobs are. I wouldn’t mind moving away for a time to experience the big open water.


One Response to “mY dAy”

  1. Marie Says:

    A Grey hair … oh dear … your a scream!

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