Catching Up

October 21, 2008

This blog needs a blog post and I hate it when I have not an idea what to blog about but would really want to. So best thing is to blog my day in the 6 hours I have been awake…but that would surely bore you. 

Was out with my class last night for a class re-union, being apart for the last 5mths. Everyone was on good form and already worrying about projects (mine is starting next week in Biochemistry). It was striking the fact that 3 of our class mates are now living in the same house, 2 of which moved out of home this year after so much independence during the summer. That now leaves only 3 out of 15 of our class living at home (me being one). Has it come to a stage that living at home is being in the minority when at college? The house though was lovely and clean. Clean due to the fact that one of the girls who moved out of home this year and even folded a house-mate’s clothes. It was good crack and all that jazz so its time to settle in and begin the grueling task of getting a degree.


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