Phew!!! Nearly There…

December 11, 2008

Had a busy 2 weeks so far. With the UCC SVdP Society doing the Giving Tree again this year in UCC meant times I had to look after it, pick up any presents brought back to the tree at 6pm meant many late evenings on campus. Collecting all the presents left on the Friday was scary with my car weighed down and barely being able to see out rear and side windows was scary. The presents were dropped to SVdP Cork on the Friday evening and had another car load on the Tuesday then also from the previous days. I am also hearing that more presents are being dropped in by people from the College who were unable to get them back by Friday. With over 200 names given out  I am not surprised. 

Following that week I had my poster presentation for my Biochemistry Project. I was nervous and bricking it but with great surprise I came 2nd place out of the CPCIV where one prize goes to one of 8 Chemistry projects and one prize goes to one out of pharmacology and biochemistry where there is four in each. There were other project presentations given for wet and dry Chemistry Projects.  The night that followed was in the Imperial Hotel for 4th years, post grads and lectures in Chemistry Dept. which was a great night (then again I did co-organise the night). 

With all this going on and I am meant to be doing less stuff this year because its my final year, I think I am busy as previous years. Tomorrow is my final day and get my xmas holidays which will involve 3 weeks of writing up my project for the 19th Jan. deadline but seems to be plenty of time….but time will tell. I am sorry there has been no picture video things but see below to see my battered camera after the intervarsity weekend last month and you will see why no new pics but may make up a video of old pictures I have.



With xmas only 2 weeks away Today, I need to get cracking on buying xmas presents. But santa will be bringing me the item below for xmas which I will enjoy as I have to struggle listing to the radio in the car and the awful sounds of cars as I walk  to and from college 😀

I will surely get a post up in the next two weeks and if I don’t, comment me.


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