I Lost Something!!!!

December 13, 2008

I lost something!!! Though I didn’t lose it at a certain time or place it happened over the last 7 weeks. I know this could be a pointless post but I think people who find it hard can be encouraged and can lose the same thing as I did.

The thing  I lost was 14lbs  of weight from my body!!!!! I know this may be meaningless but being able to fit nicely into clothes, go down 2 notches in a belt is great. Though this meant strick and contunily eating and excercise at least twice a week, it can be done. I have reached my goal of 12st 6lbs I will try to keep it of espically with xmas around the corner.

I still ate my 3 meals everyday but without deserts, chocolate, sweets, crisps and all those heavy foods. It feels hard at times but well worth it. For those who think and don’t know me, that losing so much weight I must be going anorexic, my ideal weight is meant to be 11st 11lbs and I am still classed as overweight by my BMI. 

So if you are finding it hard on any diet and need encouragement here it is: You Can Do It!!!


One Response to “I Lost Something!!!!”

  1. Marie Says:

    Thats fab 🙂 well done !

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