December 21, 2008

One draw back I am realising now from the loss of my now 16 lbs over the last 9 weeks is being more exposed to illness. This week has been the worst. A few weeks ago I felt sick with a lot of sneezing but this week has been non-stop head cold. It has ranged from sneezing, headache, fever, sore throat, headache, coughing and whatever else. So the last 5 days have not been pleasent. I was attempting to completly type up my project this week but that has gone out the window as I have just rested, watched TV and keep taking those miracle drugs to keep me going. 

At the moment I have just sore throat, a cough and being really tired. One thing that is really bothering me thought is the fact that Xmas is 4 days away and its the shortest day of the year today and I am not excited about Xmas whatsoever. It must be the fact that this illness has stopped me in my tracks as I have never really  been as sick as this before 😦


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