Grind Stone

January 4, 2009

Back to the grind stone tomorrow and all the annoyances which UCC has. These annoyances are not as such the staff, UCC Campus or the President but rather the societies (guild), students union, clubs etc. By reading forums of basically who can post the longest post, to who can cause the most ruckous on the boards is every increasing the way some students want to be top dog. But then that is within each of us wanting to reach the top of the pile, sometimes with the expense of others.

Last year was too me, the last year in which there was stability within all these students arenas, mainly due to the same goal of wanting a better college and much work getting done. Now with the old gone and new line coming in, each want to gain a piece of UCC. Yes, I did my part of being on a committee for the last 3 years and also class rep. for those same 3 years but did I rarely blow my own horn. I did the best I could and pursued on to achieve the best for the society. 

There is a lot to do within societies but there have been many achievements.


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