Who said blogging was easy?!?!

January 5, 2009

I  am trying to get these posts out every day, more so by the end of the day to give me time but its difficult to rattle my empty brain that I have. I however, do play a certain music album when I type up posts as I find it soothing and opens me up a bit. But not too much as that could be scary for some…

I was gonna do a video post on my 5o things which is being done on Youtube but may leave that for near the end of the week so wait for that 😀 I however, will do something similar which are numbers which are part of my life at the moment and no there are not fifty numbers in this!

93: The number of my house

22: The number of years I have been alive

31: The number of years my parents are married

96: The age of my Grandad

17: The number of years of formal education I have gone through

2: The number of Island countries I have visited/lived

3: The number of languages I can speak

25: The number of minutes it takes me on average to get to college

20: The number of flights I have been on

5: The number of years I have followed Him

7: The number of Countries I have visited

11: The number of years my car has been around

9: The number of second cousins I have

100: The number of blog posts I have written (including this one)

14: The number in lbs of weight I have lost (it feels great)

13: The number which is my favorite

17: The number of followers on Twitter I have

2,746: The number of Videos I have watched on Youtube

1,286: The number of songs I have on my Laptop (Will have to get more)

1: The number of people I have saved


2 Responses to “Who said blogging was easy?!?!”

  1. Jessy Mattar Says:

    loved the idea of listing the numbers that are part of ur life! didn’t think about that before…

  2. Darragh Says:

    Congrats on the 100th blog post. Well done 🙂 You can add me to your followers on twitter too.

    Great idea for a post 🙂

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