Movie Moment

January 6, 2009

I have watched King Kong over the last few days, possible due the posession of Sky+. I recorded the movie along with many others over the Christmas period and now in my free time I watch part of the movie and then return when I have the chance to do so. I know many may think this is strange but I enjoy it allowing me to enjoy a movie over two to three days rather than in one sitting.

King Kong was a good movie but there was the scene down in the gorge when many of the members had plummeted down there on the tree trunk. I am a bit afraid of the creepy crawlys around so when I saw all those huge spiders, cockroaches etc. coming up and out, I was horrified. Not to say that I screamed but was ready to run if they came out of the screen.

I have a few other movies to watch which include Di Vinci Code, Superman Returns, A Series of Unfortunate events and a few more. I know all these movies are a few years on but I have not seen any of these movies to some amazement.


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