Science….Root of Evil???

January 12, 2009

As a Christian who is studying a Science degree, you may ask did I get dropped on my head when I was younger??? I have always enjoyed science/medicine and wanted to learn more about how things happen. Yes in science you need to deal with the Evolution of life, the big bang and the beginnings in primordial soup.

I bring this up as today in my Enzymology lecture, the lecturer was talking about how enzymes began what we all are now. For me I believe that God created the world and everything in it. Evolution/Survival of the fittest I do believe. Evolution is stated as the emergence of newer species from older species. This can be explained by survival of the fittest theory. A giraffe with a short neck can only eat lower leaves in tree where as a long neck giraffe can eat high up and low in a tree, thus able to survive longer as it eats more. The shorter neck giraffe dies and along with it, its genes and ability to pass on its DNA. This means longer neck species are more dominant and newer longer neck species evolve.

For me, seeing how amazing little enzymes, proteins, receptors, chemicals and how your body works, this intrinsic work could not be formed from a primordial soup but God created you and me and everything that is and was.


2 Responses to “Science….Root of Evil???”

  1. smellytourist Says:

    Do you believe in literal 24-hour day creation?

    • pandaalan Says:

      One day in Heaven is a thousand days on earth. The bible does not distinctly say that the “days” occured one after another. It could have occured over a longer period of time. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed” but there must have been something to start the ball rolling.

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